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Gym motivation

Yesterday, I was asked which I thought was more important ‘an occasional intense workout or a less intense workout more often’.

My answer was ‘a less intense one more often’. Of course, this depends on your goals and how advanced your training is. However, I personally think commitment to training is one of the most important factors. Even if you do a smaller, less intense workout more often, I believe you can achieve results.

Below are a few ways to help you stay committed to your training:

Training with a friend Whilst some may find training alone to be more productive, training with a friend could be a good option for someone who finds it hard to stay committed to the gym. Set a time and day of the week to train together and you can motivate each other whilst you train.

Having a Personal Trainer Holding yourself accountable to a Personal Trainer is a great way for people to feel responsible for making themselves get to the gym, whilst also being motivating and having a programme to follow to guarantee getting results.

Going to a gym with a great atmosphere Sometimes you may find some gyms will feel more motivating than others. If everyone is working hard, you could be more likely to feel like working hard too. This varies person to person - some may find a quieter gym or a gym with a certain type of equipment suits them better than others.

Mixing your training up To go anywhere most days, you have to enjoy it right?! You could add new sports into your training, perhaps try playing squash or learning to box as part of your cardiovascular workout.

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