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Personal Training Facilities

Option 1: The most popular option! Our private personal training studio is the perfect option for those who are nervous about joining a gym or those who do not want to commit to a monthly membership. You can chose to have a 1:1 PT session or a pair/small group session here to build your confidence and learn technique in a safe space. See Studio equipment list at the end of this page.

Option 2: We also have access to a fully equipped 6,000 square foot gym in Edenbridge (Fortitude Fit) where you can book your sessions if you become a member.

Option 3: Your home - we travel to some clients homes, whether they have their own gym or we bring some equipment to you.

Our Studio Equipment

Commercial standard half rack
Pull ups attachments (wide and narrow)
Chin up attachments 
Cable machine - full set of attachments 

Commercial standard Bench (Incline and flat)
Olympic Barbell (20KG)
Safety squat bar (25KG)
Technique Barbells x3
Assault Bike
Slam balls
EZ Bar
T bar / Landmine row attachment
Dip machine
Plates up 160kg
Kettlebells from 4 to 26kg
Dumbbells from 1kg to 30kg
Battle ropes x3
Fitness Ladders x2
Weighted belt x2
Ab wheel roller
Bosu ball
Medicine balls
'Beast' speed ropes x15
Boxing gloves and pads x20
Boxing bag
Swiss ball
Resistance bands 
Stepper x2
Pilates ball
Hip thrust pad

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