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Circadian Rhythm

Have you ever noticed that you start to feel sleepy around the same time every day, and you feel most alert at a certain time of day?

For most adults the biggest lack of energy happens at around 2am and 4am (when you are probably fast asleep!) and after lunchtime around 1pm and 3pm.

These times will be more obvious to you when you are sleep deprived rather than when you have caught up on sleep.

Your circadian rhythm works best when you have regular habits, like going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning at around the same times each day.

When your circadian rhythm is out of sync, perhaps if you have jet lag or haven’t been sleeping as much as necessary, you will feel less alert and possibly be less productive and find it harder to concentrate.

Although it is important to fit your training in wherever possible, particularly if you have a busy schedule, some people find they have a prime time to train; a time when they have the most energy and therefore their workout is more effective. Send Embody Training a message to find out more.

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