Pull ups

Pull-ups engage and strengthen almost your whole upper body. They are a highly functional movement pattern that requires multiple muscle groups to work together. Below are 4 main pull-ups benefits:

1. Functional Strength 2. Posture Improvements 3. Back Pain Alleviation 4. Physique gains

The best way to become better at pull-ups is by practising assisted pull-ups, using either an assistance machine or resistance bands. As you get stronger you will require less assistance (a thinner band).

How to perform a pull-up:

Use a pronated (overhand) grip and start with scapular retraction - this means drawing your shoulders blades together and down. This movement engages your lats, the large set of muscles in your back which are crucial supporting muscles.

After retracting your scapular, pull your body up towards the bar. Finally, lower your body back down to the starting point (this is when you triceps and shoulders will kick in).

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