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Why Ladies Should Lift

Firstly, You will NOT look bulky and manly.

Men have 10 times as much testosterone as women. The women you have seen in a magazine or performing a bodybuilding show do not look the way they do from a bit of resistance training - if they look huge they have likely taken steroids or worked for years and tried to look that way. It doesn’t happen by accident from touching a dumbbell! It takes a lot of work for women to build muscle.

Bone Health. Resistance training will decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

Weight and body composition maintenance. Stop the fad diets, don’t prioritise running 10k per day for fat loss. Focus on a calorie deficit and prioritise weight training and I GUARANTEE you will see results.

Confidence. Weight training and the sense of achievement you will have will boost your confident and moods and is proved to decrease the risk of mental health problems.

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