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Strengthening Your Weak Points

Strengthening your weak points :

It is very easy to work hard on the things we find the easiest but not so much fun to work on our weakest points. However, they are likely to become worse and begin to affect your strong points too, possibly leaving you with injuries.

Problems and solutions:

Weak quads - front squats, overload squats, backward sled drags, leg press.

Weak chest - dumbbell press variations (flat, incline, decline), flyes, wide grip bench, cable work.

Weak shoulders - overhead press variations, dumbbell raises, cable work.

Weak upper back - any chest supported row variations, lat pull downs, chin ups.

Weak triceps - Close grip bench, dips, extensions.

Weak biceps - hammer curls, incline dumbbell curls

Weak posterior chain - deadlift hypers, Romanian deadlifts.

Weak grip - farmers walk, overhand deadlift holds.

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