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It is difficult to know the right thing to do regarding nutrition when there are so many different magazines, TV programmes, yo-yo diets and articles out there with opposing ideas. Here is Embody’s list to dispel a few misconceptions.

1. Lifting weights will make women bulky. No. In fact, lifting weights will boost your metabolism making it easier to lose body fat. After training with weights, your body will continue burning calories unlike cardio training (which is also important for other reasons). Lifting weights will also increase bone density helping to prevent osteoporosis.

2. Always buy the ‘fat free’ option. No. Fat free is not as healthy as it sounds. Fat free food is usually be packed with sugars so that it still has an enjoyable taste. Our bodies need fats for many reasons including hormone function and to absorb nutrients.

3. You must take vitamin supplements. No. Try to have your vitamin and minerals from real food sources rather than shakes, vitamin tablets and juices. Your body will be able to utilise the vitamins and minerals better. A few people may need extra tablets but this is not usually the case.

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