Top Tips 2019

Hopefully your New Year’s resolutions are going as planned. We thought we would give you a few top tips from us and from our clients ...

Pick ONE goal to aim towards to start with; picking more than one goal can become complicated and demotivating if you don’t manage everything at once.

Don’t track your goals too regularly; you may feel disheartened if you haven’t achieved the goal within a week or even a month. Long term achievements don’t have any short term fixes. Perhaps check your progress after a month or two rather than looking at the scales, for example, every day.

Only compare with yourself; ‘Never compare your chapter 1 to others chapter 15’. Someone once told me this quote and it has always stuck in my head. Maybe you have looked at others in the gym who you aspire to and wonder why you can’t do what they do or why you don’t look like them yet. They have more than likely been training for years. Look at how far you have come rather than what others are doing.

Break it down; don’t give yourself a HUGE target in a small amount of time. Break your MAIN GOAL into little chunks: e.g, if you would like to lift 50kg, start with 20kg, then 30kg etc. Think about how you will get closer to your goal each week, rather than achieving your big goal straight away.

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